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The hunt :iconeinos:Einos 0 0
A hollow thud. No cracking of bones, no splattering of blood. No screaming. He looked around the corner, shaking with fear, and saw… it.
  Looks human, but God… What are those things it has instead of arms?
  – "This would all be a lot easier if you actually knew how to fight, Leonard." it said, with its back towards the man.
  How does he know my name?
  – "I know a great deal about you, Leonard." it said, taking a more human shape. "Your inaptitude of any means of defending yourself is laughable, to be honest."
  The man turned around, facing Leonard. An expensive suit, tie and all. Extremely pale face. No pupils. The eyes were unnaturally white. Hollow.
  NOT human!
  Leonards instincts took over as he turned and ran.
  STAIRS! Got to get out of this hellhole!
* * * *
"…pushing on, I can't escape. Everything that comes my way…"
  His phone was ringing. Leonard glanced at it. "MOM" kept flashing on the s
:iconeinos:Einos 0 4
I'm lying down.
I can't move...
...too afraid to move.
It felt so real... Was it?
Drenched in sweat, I finally raise my head.
I can still move!
It was all just a dream...
:iconeinos:Einos 0 0
'Drop pod 1'
  – "We need reinforcements at these co-ordinates, NOW! Initiate operation 'Steel Rain'"
  The words had barely sounded off on the comm., before our pods were launched. A massive blast shook the pod I was clasped in. Huge braces kept me in my seat with my back turned against the centre of the pod.
  – "Sarge!" a man from my pod called out in fear on the radio. "We're going to land right in the middle of them!"
  I checked my monitor and cursed under my breath. He was right.
  – "Time 'til impact, 30 SECONDS!" I cried out, trying to shut Bane up
  – "Sarge, we're not going to last 10 seconds in the middle of that horde! Just look at that mass!"
  – "BANE, SHUT UP!" I shouted, knowing he was right, if the other pods didn't hit their targets.
  Everyone in
:iconeinos:Einos 0 0
  64… 65… 66…
  67… 68… 69…
  – "Command, we need air-support at co-ordinates alpha, bravo, six, niner! How copy?"
  70… 71… 72…
  73… 74… 75…
  76… 78… 79…
  – "Airstrike incoming! Heads up in 10!"
  80… 81… 82…
  – "Steel, I ain't carrying your ass out of here! Get up!"
  83… 84… 85…
  86… 87… 88…
  – "…do svidaniya, you bastards…"
  The explosion tore through the mountain, sending rocks flying in every direction. The core of the meteorite, destroyed. Their objective, completed. Everyone took cover as the timed explosive went off. High-yield demolitions-pack, capable of ripping a small moon in two, given enough of the explosive material. Everyone took cover from the flyi
:iconeinos:Einos 0 0
Flames licking the walls and floor.
Purifying fire.
The sweet nothingness of the void of the afterlife.
The survival instinct, both of man and creature alike.
…which one is stronger?
…which one will triumph?
The locked squeeze of a trigger.
The heat produced by the fire.
The feeling, not of hopelessness, but of zealous rage.
An enemy force, seemingly never-ending.
A flamethrower fuel-tank, feeling ever so lighter...
:iconeinos:Einos 1 0
...a metallic tube slid in, right above the grip. Smoothly and silently.
  – "Where's the rest of our team?!"
  – "There's no time! Keep firing!"
  The lock slid into place with a silent click.
  – "There's too many of them!!"
  The piston, with lock, slid easily down into the tube, locking in place.
  The spring, inserted into the piston and locked into place.
  The top, slammed in and locked in place.
  – "Kent's down, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!"
  The clip, inserted with a little click.
  – "IT'S ENRAGED!!! LEG IT!!"
  Reloaded, and aimed down the sights, and it hit me. We were screwed.
  – "McGrath, GET UP AND RUN! You're not killing it with that thing!"
  A character stood less than a hundred yards away, twice the size of a man, seemingly h
:iconeinos:Einos 1 3
'Cannonfodder-Charlie' part 1
"Alright, so here's the plan: Another rock from wraith-space hit down, 20 clicks north. We have air-support this time, and an entire company to hold up any and all wraiths caught in an all-out war. We are the spec-ops team. We circle around the east, and hit them hard from east-northeast. They'll never see us coming. Questions? Lock n' load, gentlemen!"
  Sound plan, when put that bluntly. Don't know about that company assisting us. The irony of calling them the Ikaros company after my old unit… Damned if they knew. It would tear them apart. Still, good people in there. Not to be doubting–

  – "Ryans, what's got your mind boggling this time?"
  – "Nothing… Just going through the mission in my head one more time."
  – "Doubts about Ikaros-company?"
  – "…no."
  Steel took another swig from his canteen.
  – "Well, whatever you say, then…" he added, strapping the canteen back to his back. "Break's over. Let's go."
  Ryans kept walking silently, checking his corners, watching Steel'
:iconeinos:Einos 0 0
Despair or strength?
Feelings erupting, a vessel at its breaking point, running out of hope and time. Am I just that? Nothing but an empty vessel seemingly filled with emotions and feelings, but having a swirling mass of hatred and despise within, waiting for the correct moment like a carefully set bomb. Am I human, or am I a monster of hate?
Why do I question myself? Is there a higher meaning? What purpose do I have in this world? A simple sign of affection, a gesture of being nice, is misinterpreted as something else, branding me an annoyance and something people would rather be without. In a world, seemingly filled with love and happiness – or so people would want to believe – what becomes of one who has neither of those attributes?
An outcast is what I've become. Not from society, not from a group of people calling themselves friends, no… But an outcast, when it comes to feelings? That is what I am. An empty vessel, denied of love, denied of happiness. Denied of the sole purpose of our e
:iconeinos:Einos 0 0
The uprising...
   They stood there, all of them. In formation, like a battalion of soldiers, armed with clubs, baseball-bats, pipes of iron or steel, knives or anything else they had found during their years of prowling the streets. No-one said a word nor moved a muscle. They just stood there, staring into the distance.
   – “This, my friend, will be a war to remember…” McAllen said for himself.
   – “Have you done stuff like this before?” a teenager who was next to him asked.
   – “Stuff like this?” McAllen asked surprised, turning to the teenager. “Nah… No-one has…”
   McAllen turned to stare down the road again. The teenager looked at him with a scared look.
   – “Are you scared?” McAllen asked.
   – “Yes, sir… Scared for my life…” the teenager replied.
   – “So
:iconeinos:Einos 0 2
'Welcome to Siberia'
   “HAPPY 40, DAD!”
   A man looked at his coffee-cup as he poured coffee in it.
   – “46, and still going strong, Captain?” a young man said to him, while standing in attention.
   – “You bet, sonny!” the man replied. “What is it?”
   – “We have a report of a meteor-strike in the northeastern regions of Russia, sir!”
   – “Origin?” the captain asked as he took a sip of the coffee.
   – “Wraith, sir.”
   – “Thought so…” the captain said with a sigh as he walked to his desk. “What troops do we have in the area?”
   – “We had a military base in the region, and the troops are scattered randomly around the area in villages and cities, sir.”
   The captain froze. After a couple seconds of complete s
:iconeinos:Einos 0 0
How do I help a stranger?
"I'm sorry for not replying, my grandfather is in hospital, fighting for his life"
Those were the words I heard, from a guy I had only known for a week.
Is he a friend now, or is he still a stranger?
How can I ease his pain and sorrow, while being hundreds of miles away?
"Words are mightier than any weapon created"
But what words should I choose?
Should I stay silent?
If I stayed silent, what difference would it make?
I don't know much about him…
I don't know much about his grandfather!
How should I help him, while not knowing anything?
How could I possibly help him?
…how do I help a stranger?
:iconeinos:Einos 1 0
Charles counted on his fingers.
   – "Eleven… Twelve… Thirteen… Fourteen… Hey guys, y'know what?" he suddenly said. "I think I just might have enough dough gathered up in 14 years, to be able to retire happily!"
   – "Well how jolly for you, aye?" Todd replied. "What did you plan on doing then?"
   – "Hah! Most probably he'll just spend it all on those craps-tables back in town, and he'll be stuck here for another 14 damn years!"
   Everyone laughed.
   The desert sun was burning the group's necks, as they were walking steadily northwards. They had walked a couple rough hours and it would take at least one more day to get to where they were going.
   – "This assignment sucks ass, mate." Roger said, with his ever-so-hilarious Australian accent, as he was chewing on a cigar.
   – "Well, what can you do, huh?" Brigand answered. "The boss hand-picked us, so we can't really do anything else than to just follow his orders."
   – "Yeah…" Ryans said. "But I just can't help to wonder, what's re
:iconeinos:Einos 0 0
Armed I stand,
Lord of my own,
As well as my opponents', life.
To condemn my opponent.
To fulfill my decisions.
To fire.
Freedom... kill.
To bring, yet another, ghost to haunt me,
in my deepest nightmares...
But still, another freedom,
To keep still, without firing.
Freedom... die...
...a soldiers freedom...
:iconeinos:Einos 0 0
Demented Space, by Kyban
An endless ocean. Cold, harsh and hostile. Water as far as the eye can see, and an incessant rain puring down your neck.
   That's what the picture is to me. The picture Kyban has made through a 3D-animating-program is maybe a little abstract; one can look at it in more ways than one, and still get a somewhat clear picture of it all. The way I see it, it looks like an infinite ocean, exposed to a violent rainfall. But of some reason one get's the feeling that the picture can't be of the earth, unless it's a theoretical picture about the future?
   Another thing one notices is a bunch of half-transparent clouds that are somewhere above the surface. Some of them are enlightened by a, to the viewer unknown, light-source, or could it be the clouds themselves that are glowing? Then, another odd thing: the horizon. An odd stream of light, covering the whole horizon. More enlightened clouds? Fog? A massive incoming tidal-wave? Or maybe a tidal wave that's on its
:iconeinos:Einos 0 0
El Greco - View of Toledo
The picture gives the viewer a little spooky feeling. A beautiful view of a beautiful city, but no people anywhere to be seen, and the sky looks stormy. Cold, hostile, inhospitable.
   The picture, View of Toledo, is a painting of Toledo -as the name says- from a higher altitude, a hill or cliff or something of the like. One can see a big, majestetic city on the right side, and some single buildings here and there on the left, and below the city. Something the viewer quickly notices is that there are no people anywhere, but still a lot of movement; a rough wind shakes the environment. Bushes and grass are "on edge" in the foreground, and some trees look rather angled, as if the wind was playing around with them.
   I come to think of wind when I see this picture. The sky and the bushes in the foreground gives me a feeling that if one would be there by oneself, one would just feel a strong, fresh gale around oneself and the landscape.
   It w
:iconeinos:Einos 0 2


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   The sound of feet, crushing snow. Heavy steps.
   The snow, falling silently over the landscape.
   A staff, hammering the ground in rhythm with every step.
   Not a single squeak, not a single peep.
   Heavy breaths through a scarf, covering his face.
   It almost felt like a crime to make such noise during a completely still winter’s day, which was otherwise completely silent.
   Sweat and steam, frozen, gathered at his eyebrows.
   A thick coat, the hood covering as much of his head as it could.
   A determined gaze, looking ever forward.
   – “Damn… snow… slowing… me… down.”

* * * *

   Tyr woke up with a jolt. After a moment of getting his bearings, he realized he was still in his bed, and there was no bear, no claws at his chest, and no teeth at his throat.
   – “Damn nightmares…” he cursed and sat up.
   He had slept uneasy, in equal parts because he was famished, and because his niece was crying in the next room.
   – “Damn kid…” he muttered as he got up, pulling his blanket around him and opened the door to his chamber.
   The lantern on the table in the next room hampered his vision for a moment. Slowly he started seeing his brother’s wife, holding his niece, trying to calm her down.
   – “…she’s hungry too?” Tyr asked
   – “Very.” his sister-in-law replied, while starting to breastfeed the baby. “Your brother went out. Said he couldn’t sit idly by, seeing his wife and daughter go hungry.”
   Tyrs heart sank, and he felt colder than before.
   – “He went out to hunt?” he stammered. “Alone?”
   – “Yes…” his sister-in-law whispered, looking away from him. ”He left a note. It’s by the lantern.”
   He picked up the note hastily, and stood there for a while, as if he’d seen a ghost, before crumpling the note in his hand.
   – “That damn idiot…” he muttered, mostly to himself.

* * * *

   He continued along the road he had walked so many times before. He kept looking for tracks where-ever he went, or after any other sign of someone else having been there. The snow was making his life hard; as was the fact that he couldn’t know for sure where to look.
   – “Where did you go, you damn idiot?” he muttered to himself.
   He entered the woods, close to his home village. There was less snow due to the trees, but still no trace of anyone else. He grabbed his bow off his back, knowing what might lurk in the woods at the wee hours of the day.
   Cursing under his breath, he kept walking.
   Muttering a prayer to the huntsman, he kept searching.

* * * *

   Tyr scampered around their home, getting dressed and gathering what supplies he could take, without leaving his sister and niece with too little to get by with. Only after he had his full set of clothes on, and started packing the last bits into his pack, he saw that his sister-in-law was weeping, quietly.
   – “…I won’t let him.” he said, hurrying to pack.
   – “You can’t stop him.” she sobbed. “It doesn’t matter what you say, you know that.”
   Tyr stopped and looked at his sister-in-law for a moment, torn on the decision of staying there, to help them, or to run after his brother.
   – “I have to try.” he said after a while, with his voice giving away his worries. “I damn well have to try.”
   He continued to pack what he dared to take in silence, avoiding all eye-contact with a woman he cared for as family, and a baby he couldn’t help but to think was doomed, no matter what he chose to do.

* * * *

   He got out of the woods and back on the road again. All the usual spots were empty. No-one had been there for days. Cursing, he stowed his bow on his back again, and marched on, only stopping for a short breather.
   He stopped, and looked out over the frozen lake. He pulled down his scarf from over his face, dropped his hood back, and took a deep breath of the cold air.
   It hurt his throat, but he didn’t care.
   The lake was frozen, with a thick layer of snow covering it. The sun had risen and was completely visible now, making the fresh snow sparkle, as if every snowflake was fused with magic. The woods on the other side of the lake, treetops covered in the same, sparkly snow.
   – “Too beautiful day to run away like that…” he muttered.

* * * *

   – “The bears are awake.” she said, softly.
   Tyr stopped, knowing full well what it meant.
   – “I know.” he said, after a moment of silence. “Something has stirred them.”
   – “You don’t think he’ll go…” she said quietly, almost in a whisper.
   He grabbed her by her shoulders and looked her in her eyes.
   – “He’s rash.” he said, sternly. “And an idiot. But he would never put the two of you in danger, whether it be due to the hunt, the guardsmen, or hunger. He would not go there. He knows about the bears, he’s the one who told us!”
   Tears rolled down his sister-in-laws face, as she just sat there, looking down at his niece.
   Tyr stood up, and continued packing.
   – “He’s not stupid. He might be an idiot, but he’s not stupid…”

* * * *

   He stood for a while, the snow falling softly around him, remembering the days of old, and how they used to hunt game in the woods, beyond the lake. During the winters it was easy to cart whatever animal they felled over the ice in their sleigh. His brother was always a rash hunter; good with a bow, but lacking in patience, whereas he, himself, liked to wait for hours upon end with the help of bait and traps. Despite their differences, they brought home as much meat as the other one.
   He turned his eyes to the road again, after a moment of silent reminiscing.
   No tracks.
   – “The snow must’ve covered them by now. Damn idiot.”
   He pulled his scarf over his face, adjusted his quiver and backpack, and started marching towards the lake, picking up his pace.

* * * *

   Tyr strung his bow, and threw his quiver on his back.
   – “He doesn’t have that far of a head start.” he said, again mostly to himself. “I’ll find him, and be back in three days at most.”
   His sister-in-law sat there, quiet, as his niece had eaten her fill, without looking at Tyr.
   – “If nothing else, Bertland, the smiths aide owes us a favour for the elk we gave his family.” Tyr said, turning towards his sister-in-law. “They will help you.”
   He pulled his scarf tightly around his face, threw his hood up, grabbed his staff, and walked out. Without saying goodbye, and without looking back.

* * * *

   The sound of feet, crushing snow. Heavy steps.
   The snow, falling silently amidst the trees.
   A gasp of air.
   Not a single squeak, not a single peep.
   A blood-filled cough.
   It almost felt like a crime to make such noise during a completely still winter’s day, which was now completely silent.
   A tear, frozen before it had rolled off his cheek.
   A thin coat, clawed apart, covered in blood.
   A helpless gaze, looking ever upward.
   And not a word could leave his lips, ever again.
The hunt
I challenged a friend of mine to a bit of a challenge; name a person, a place, and a reason, and the other one has to draw/write something, containing those three things. I gave her "An old man, outside a village, for some peace and quiet". Her piece is here; she did some aspects just as I imagined when I gave her those three things (mainly a smoking pipe, and sitting by a big tree), whereas other aspects were completely different.

I got "A wanderer, by a lake, looking for someone", and this is my piece. Apparently, wasn't anything what she expected; especially the winter-setting! Oh well...


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And once you start thinking about philosophical questions, here's something to bust your nut: If you pray to the Gods of death and destruction... Will it hasten your own death or destruction, or will it prolong it?

...Today's weather: excessively violent, with a slight chance of dismemberment!

I'm out, w00!


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